Day 3- Tuesday, June 27th

7:45 AM - 8:30 AM Networking Breakfast


Afzal Khan

Head of Security, Risk Management and Compliance
Everest Reinsurance

8:35 AM - 9:05 AM Safeguarding Financial Markets: AI and the Future of Cyber Defense

Gary Szukalski, Chief Channel Management Officer, Darktrace
The threats are dangerous: in 2016 alone, $951 million was stolen from the Bank of Bangladesh and a single Russian bank was hit with 69 separate DDoS attacks. Hackers target the financial services industry 300% more than any vertical, stealing high-value information or undermining systems to cause market chaos.

Today’s attacks are more insidious too, exploiting IoT devices and third-party service providers, and disguising themselves for an average of 208 days before detection. Cyber security has become an arms race—machines fighting machines on the battleground of corporate networks. Traditional strategies are too entrenched in perimeter protection, rules and signatures, and the desktop/server model to give defenders an advantage.

In an industry that hinges on confidence and reputation, protecting trust requires a radical new approach. Tightening regulations and increased investor scrutiny underscore the importance of prioritizing proactive security. Despite the hyperbole surrounding machine learning, there are reasons why it is the disruption we need. Winning algorithms and organizational complexity may be the best form of defense.

In this session, learn about:
•The implications of today’s cyber-threats for business networks
•How machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defense
•Why smart prioritization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk
•Evaluating machine learning approaches to security
•Real-world examples of detected threats


Gary Szukalski

Chief Channel Management Officer


9:10 AM - 9:50 AM Central Banks and the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

Devon Bryan, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Federal Reserve System
As the cyber threats and vectors continue to evolve and become increasingly more sophisticated, Central Banks are being placed within the crosshairs of malicious actors that span the gamut. This presentation will highlight some of the modern day challenges and promote discussion around what Central Banks can do to better protect themselves.


Devon Bryan

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Federal Reserve System

Case Study

9:55 AM - 10:55 AM Real World Anatomy of an Attack

Mike Maier, CTO, City of Fort Lauderdale
The advanced persistent threat landscape continues to evolve with sophistication of attacks continuing to grow. In this case study, explore in depth the incident response from an anonymous attack. As it is often a matter of when an attack will occur, this session will look at identify risks, strategic protection of assets, how the threat was detected, the response steps and the recovery and documentation process.

•Identify common and trending attack vectors
•Exploring tactical and strategic steps
•Insights from incident response, returning to normal business and post-mortem


Mike Maier

City of Fort Lauderdale
Developing an effective talent strategy prevents turnover and drives consistent performance. In an area of zero unemployment, its crucial to attract, develop and retain talent. Talent development including training, hiring, retaining, lost productivity, awareness training, and training specific to function are all part of the organization’s security mission. The lack of skilled people to fill current openings is a well known fact.

This session will discuss developing cybersecurity executives throughout their careers:

• Helping equip the next generation to understand what cybersecurity professionals are and what they do including the right recruitment practices
• Equipping hiring managers to develop the right team for the enterprise
• Inspiring and motivating cyber security professionals
• Innovative ways to close the IT security skills gap


Carolann Shields


Henry Jiang

Oppenheimer & Co.

Afzal Khan

Head of Security, Risk Management and Compliance
Everest Reinsurance

12:00 PM - 12:00 PM Close of Event