September 22 - 24, 2019
Charlotte, NC

Chris Dodunski

Co-Founder & CTO

4:20 PM To Be (Proactive) or Not to Be? Discussing PPT Challenges of Proactive Security and the Real Cost of Failure

Everyone agrees that the key to a successful cyber security strategy is being proactive.  Or do they?  Even if we agree that proactive is the right strategy developing the tactical plans, at a reasonable budget in a way likely to be agreed to by the Board or other management isn’t easy.
This session is interested in exploring the challenges of being proactive.  We will look at these within the broad cost of cyber breaches.  Does a broad view of the cost of lost identities, security and data change your opinion?
All too often we think about the current cyber security struggle as simply a contest between those who protect data and those who wish to illegally profit from accessing or controlling it.  A breach or hack here and there is bad news for the unfortunate organization but often viewed as just an unhappy cost of doing business.

The narrow view misses the real cost of the cyber war.  The youngest generation, iGen or Gen Z, children (born after 1995), have used the Internet, technology and social media since a young age.  Their digital identity and physical identity are undifferentiated. Your moderator, Rick Bolin, will combine 4 data points from his own life to make the case that failed cyber security is having a profound impact on 70m kids in America.
Within that context we will explore together:
•Does a broad understanding of the cost of the cyber war change an individual’s/organization’s obligations?
•Is cyber security going in the right direction or is it on the wrong track?
•Are statistics about cyber breaches accurate, understated or fake news?
•How much does proactive matter?
•What does proactive mean within your organization?
•What is the greatest challenge to being proactive?
•What are some of the specific people, process and technology challenges associated with being proactive?
•What is the next most important step in making your organization more proactive? 
•Do you anticipate making your organization more, less or about the same in terms of proactive in the next 18 months?

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